January 2015 Newsletter


We’ve Been Robbed

Over a 100 people gathered outside of Alaska Airlines headquarters late November to call on the airline to stop robbing us of our $15.

News crews pushed their way through the crowd interviewing us and taking video and photos as the SeaTac police looked on.

The fight for $15 at Sea-Tac Airport has gotten widespread attention. Journalists from around the globe have been watching and we have been speaking out about it to anyone who will listen. Continue reading

We Demand $15!


4700 workers at the airport have lost nearly $15 Million in wages in the last year because Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle said “nope” to the $15 initiative fought for by airport workers and approved by the voters of SeaTac.

Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle sued and blocked $15. So airport workers,
Seattle fast food workers, and community allies came to the airport with a message.

Airport workers worked too hard to get a living wage with job protections, paid
sick leave, and full time work. So as we made our way to the Port of Seattle
meeting we brought with us a simple message: “SeaTac Voted, We Won, We
Demand $15.” Continue reading



We entered the SIFF Film contest sponsored by Alaska Airlines: “Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Check out the film Alaska Airlines executives won’t want you to see.

Grounded is a film produced by airport workers and community allies and submitted by Working Washington to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival’s “Explore. Dream. Discover” film competition sponsored by Alaska Airlines. http://www.siff.net/alaskafilm


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Seattle Mayor and Sea-Tac Airport Worker Urge American Cities to Lead the Fight to Raise Wages


(Originally posted here) By Keiana Greene-Page

Seattle Mayor and Sea-Tac Airport Worker Urge American Cities to Lead the Fight to Raise WagesPHOTO: Mayor Ed Murray, Sea-Tac airport worker Socrates Bravo.

“Please take what we did in Seattle and export it across the country,” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray told a crowd Wednesday during a panel discussion on the minimum wage at the Center for American Progress.
Also speaking at the CAP event was SeaTac Airport worker Socrates Bravo. He says the national minimum wage debate is about more than finances; it’s about families. Continue reading

Our day in court for $15 for SeaTac!


“We’ve waited six months for this,” Reverend Jan Bolerjack said into the gathered TV cameras on the steps of the capitol building in Olympia. “Sea-Tac Airport workers need the $15 they fought for. There is no reason they should be working full time and still have to come to my church and use our food bank. Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle need to do the right thing.”

Last November, airport workers pushed for and won a $15 minimum wage at Sea-Tac Airport. Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle sued blocking over $15 MILLION in wages for 4700 families. On June 26th the Washington State Supreme Court was hearing final arguments in the $15 for SeaTac case —and we were out in force to show our support for airport workers getting the wages they deserve.

“This isn’t just about Sea-Tac Airport,” said Tina Cummins a PDX worker who came up for the hearing. “We in PDX support you. We all deserve living wages and that’s why I came here today.” Continue reading

We’re on the march for $15/hour and justice


Two groups of airport workers and community supporters took it right to their employers, Extra Car Park and Air Serv, demanding better wages and working conditions.

Extra Car Park isn’t paying their workers the $15/hour that the people of SeaTac voted for and is trying to intimidate workers who are standing up for what they deserve. When Extra Car workers filed complaints with the City of SeaTac, their boss started firing them. We all aren’t going to put up with that.

Extra Car workers, other airport workers, Teamsters, SEIU members and other allies marched in front of Extra Car’s parking lot waving signs, yelling and calling management out for their shady treatment of their workers. WP_20140326_033

“Shame! Shame! You’ve gone too far, Extra Car!”

Extra Car management tried to push us, literally, off of the public sidewalk and tried to encourage cars to drive right through us as we marched. We still didn’t back down.

Later in the day, workers announced they’ve filed a class-action lawsuit against Extra Car. Through street heat, organizing and legal action, we’ll win justice at Extra Car! Continue reading

Citing safety concerns, Menzies’ workers deliver a petition


A delegation of eight leaders presented to Menzies management a petition signed by more than 250 Menzies workers, demanding proper clothing, safety equipment and a functioning first aid kit. Menzies workers after 031414 action(1)

We talked about the Menzies-provided jackets that tear easily and the nearly empty, not maintained first aid cabinets. We also shared pictures showing workers’ hands swollen, lacerated and bandaged due to lifting and moving tons of baggage daily without the proper protection.

Eric summed up the action.

“Our action was exciting and I’m sure it’s making our management uncomfortable. Most of us who work at Sea-Tac Airport are dealing with the same types of problems as LAX and PDX so we’re all in the same boat. We’re going to continue fighting for fair working conditions at Sea-Tac Airport and good luck to the workers in LAX and PDX in your fight.”

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It’s Our Airport September 2014



We, the workers, are the union.

Unions are made up of workers standing together for better working conditions, pay, and respect in the workplace. Unions are how we show our power we have as workers when we come together.

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We are stronger together.

When we stand together we can actually address some of the larger problems we all face in the workplace here at the airport. With all of us working together we have more power.

What do unions do?

One way we show our collective power is by bargaining a contract as a union.

Another way unions build collective power is by fighting for minimum wage laws, overtime, and other workplace protections.

Both ways are important. What really matters though is that when we are alone, management gets to decide what to do with us, but together we can push back against the problems we have at the workplace.

They can ignore one person, but they can’t ignore all of us speaking with one voice. Continue reading

Redefining the Minimum Wage


SeaTac’s Proposition 1 has passed! This proposition will bring living wages, paid sick leave and the right to organize to over 6000 airport workers at the Sea-Tac Airport.

It was a hard fought election that garnered National and International news attention.

Here is an article from the editorial board of the New York Times, putting the vote in SeaTac into perspective. (Just a snippet below, but read the full article here: Redefining the Minimum Wage.)

Redefining the Minimum Wage

Business has been brisk at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, with a record number of passengers spending record amounts of money eating and shopping. But for an estimated 6,500 workers at the airport and its nearby hotels, car rental agencies and parking lots, the activity has not translated into economic security, let alone prosperity. Wages for airport-related jobs average an estimated $11 an hour, ranging from less than $10 an hour for airline contractors, like baggage handlers and cabin cleaners, to about $13 an hour for car-rental employees. Continue reading

Yes for SeaTac – What is Proposition 1?



  1. Puts Our Health and Safety First: Right now, many employees working in and around our airport must make a choice go to work sick, or lose their pay. Prop 1 provides up to 6.5 days of paid sick leave for fulltime airport employees, preventing the spread of dangerous disease and keeping our families and community safe. (Proposition 1, Section 7.45.020)
  2. Creates Full-Time Jobs: Right now, many of the big overseas and multinational corporations working at the airport are gaming the system, providing more part-time jobs with low pay we can’t live on. Prop 1 encourages airport-related businesses to employ full time workers, creating jobs our neighbors can count on to make ends meet. (Proposition 1, Section 7.45.030)
  3. Ensures Tip Fairness: Right now, many hotels and restaurants in SeaTac pocket the tips and service charges that many guests and customers believe go to their servers. Prop 1 requires SeaTac hotels and hotel restaurants to do the right thing and give tips and service charges to the employees who perform the actual services. (Proposition 1, Section 7.45.040)
  4. Boosts SeaTac’s Economy by allowing more of our family, neighbors and friends to buy locally: Prop 1 ensures that SeaTac residents employed at and around the airport can receive a living wage of $15 helping them make ends meet. Because thousands of local employees will now have more money to buy locally, it’s estimated that Proposition 1 will create 412 new jobs , with millions of additional dollars pumped into SeaTac’s struggling economy.

Continue reading

SeaTac family business, Bull Pen Pub, appears in television ad Prop 1 endorsed by growing list of SeaTac small businesses


SeaTac, WA – Voters in SeaTac may see a new television ad featuring someone they already know – Don Liberty, owner of the Bull Pen Pub in SeaTac.  Don Liberty, who has owned the Bull Pen Pub for more than 30 years, stars in the Yes For SeaTac Proposition 1 ad. The ad is scheduled to begin showing today on cable television stations in the SeaTac media market.

In the television ad, Liberty says “As the owner of the Bull Pen Pub, I’m proud that our employees are like family and everyone is paid a fair wage.  The big corporations at the airport should be paying fair pages too. That’s why I support Proposition 1.  Prop 1 puts more money in the pockets of airport employees so they can support small businesses here.  And it exempts businesses like mine that are outside the airport.  Yes on Proposition 1. For all of SeaTac.”

Continue reading

Twenty leading Democrats endorse SeaTac Proposition 1 SeaTac Good Jobs Initiative gaining momentum


SeaTac, WA – Twenty leading Democrats including U.S. Representative Adam Smith, King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Councilmember Julia Patterson, and State Senator Karen Keiser are announcing their strong support and endorsement of SeaTac Proposition 1, on this fall’s election ballot. The Speaker of the State House, Frank Chopp, and the State Democrats, King County Democrats and the 33rd District Democrats also endorsed SeaTac Proposition 1.

U.S. Representative Adam Smith (9th District) said: “I grew up in the SeaTac area, my father worked in the SeaTac area — he was a ramp serviceman for United Airlines, where he got decent wages and benefits at his blue collar job. That enabled me to pursue my hopes and dreams, and that’s what I want for everyone in society as well. Equality of opportunity — a chance at creating that middle class life and I’m very worried that we’re losing that. That’s why I’m supporting SeaTac Proposition 1 – to bring back decent paying jobs at the airport and give thousands of our region’s families a fair shot at success.” Continue reading

Yes! For SeaTac supporters not surprised multinational corporations back in court Opposition trying to overturn King County and City’s certificates of sufficient signatures


Contact: Heather Weiner, heather@heatherweiner.com

SeaTac – August 27, 2013: SeaTac voters and employees at Sea-Tac Airport say they are not surprised multinational airport corporations are back in court trying to block residents from casting their votes on SeaTac Proposition 1 this November.  SeaTac Proposition 1 would inject millions of dollars into the local economy and create good middle class jobs at the airport and related industries.

Yes! For SeaTac supporters say they are planning to appeal a King County judge’s order overturning King County and the City of SeaTac’s certificates of sufficiency for the SeaTac Good Jobs Initiative, also known as SeaTac Proposition 1.

Earlier this summer, King County Elections, the SeaTac City Clerk and the SeaTac Petition Review Board all agreed that SeaTac voters had turned in more than enough valid signatures to put the initiative on the November ballot.  Determined to stop SeaTac voters from casting their ballots, Alaska Airlines and the Washington Restaurant Association went back to court.

Yesterday afternoon Yes! For SeaTac submitted another 250 petition signatures from SeaTac voters, pursuant to SMC 1.10.140(F), which specifies that supporters have ten days in which to amend the petition by filing additional signed petitions.

The “Good Jobs” initiative was signed by more than 2,500 petitioners in SeaTac earlier this year and in July the SeaTac City Council voted unanimously to send the citizens’ initiative to the November ballot.  Big airlines, rental car companies, the Washington Restaurant Association and other multinational and overseas corporations have already contributed close to $250,000 to overturn this citizen-led initiative, attempting to maintain a rigged system that benefits their own bottom line at the expense of hard working SeaTac families.

SeaTac Proposition 1:

Boosts SeaTac’s Economy: Other West Coast airport communities with similar laws setting livable wages are thriving with new businesses and more families buying local.
Puts Our Health and Safety First: Paid sick leave for airport employees prevents the spread of diseases, keeping our families and community safe.
Creates Full-Time Jobs: Incentives for airport-related businesses to employ full time workers creates jobs our neighbors can live on.
Ensures Tip Fairness: Requires hotels and restaurants give tips and service charges to employees who perform the actual services.

Eaves-dropping on Alaska Airlines CEO, Brad Tilden


Did you ever wonder what goes on when the CEO of a big corporate airlines like Alaska Airlines reports directly to international investment companies about how the company is doing?

The way these calls usually work is a very official-sounding moderator ceremoniously first announces the CEO. After he paints a rosy picture of quarterly and, in this case, year-end earnings, the moderator solemnly announces each investor in turn for questions. This is when the formal tone breaks down. The investors and executive staff fall into a relaxed easy-going Q&A – often calling each other by first names. It sounds like old friends knocking back a few beers and slapping each other on the back congratulating each other for a job well done. Continue reading

SeaTac Voters Appalled By Alaska Airlines’ Attempt to Block Vote on Good Jobs Initiative


Alaska Airlines, WA Restaurant Association seek to stop SeaTac vote on living wage, paid sick leave

SeaTac  – July 15, 2013: SeaTac voters and airport worker supporters reacted sharply to the news that Alaska Airlines and the Washington Restaurant Association have filed a lawsuit seeking to block the SeaTac City Council from sending the Good Jobs Initiative to voters later this fall. Voters and community leaders question the corporations’ motivation in blocking a popular citizen initiative that will give workers in and around the airport the opportunity to make ends meet and get ahead.

The lawsuit from Alaska Airlines and the Washington Restaurant Association asks the King County Superior Court to prohibit “the City of SeaTac and the City Clerk from taking any further steps to place the proposed Ordinance before the City Council for action or any other steps to forward the proposed Ordinance to King County for placement on a ballot for any election.”

“I’m appalled that Alaska Airlines is trying to stop SeaTac citizens from being able to vote on the good jobs initiative. What are they afraid of? Why don’t they want to share the success of the company with me and my community?” asked Chris Smith, a SeaTac resident and worker at Sea-Tac Airport. Continue reading

Seattle woman honored as ‘Champion of Change’ at White House


From King 5 News by Lori Matsukawa. “Longtime Seattle activist Pramila Jayapal was one of 15 Asian Pacific Islander American women recognized by the White House as “Champions of Change” Monday. jayapal

As founder of “One America” shortly after the attacks of 9-11, Jayapal has worked for immigrant rights and immigration reform.  When asked about the progress of immigration reform in Congress, Jayapal responded, “I really believe that we’re going to make it happen this year!”

Read the entire story and watch the video: http://www.king5.com/news/local/Seattle-woman-honored-as-champion-of-change-in-Washington-DC-206364721.html

One of the most interesting parts of this story is that one of the achievements Ms. Jayapal mentions is the work that One America has down around the Port of Seattle standing up for workers’ rights.

“Regardless of who hires them, all the jobs at the port should be living wage jobs,” she said. “That’s what this is all about.”


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State Investigators Fine Alaska Airlines, Contractors; Total Of 21 Serious Violations, $68,000 In Fines.




SeaTac Airport – June 14, 2013 –  The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has issued new citations for multiple serious health and safety violations against Alaska Airlines and two of its contractors for failing to protect workers from exposure to corrosive cleaning chemicals, caustic jet fuel, blood borne pathogens, and body fluids including vomit, urine, feces and blood. The 17 new serious violations just
announced by L&I, which follow state citations against another Alaska contractor earlier this spring, bring the total for Alaska and its Sea-Tac contractors to 21 serious health and safety violations.


Full Text of SeaTac Proposition 1


Full Text of SeaTac Proposition 1


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Faith Leaders to Airport Workers: Union Yes!


t-Ramos “I am proud to walk in solidarity with you for peace and economic justice in this world” — Michael Ramos, Executive Director, Church Council of Greater Seattle





“My respected community members, I support you t-Hassanjoining unions for your well-being and your families. The respect and rights you will get will help you in reaching your future goals.” — Mohammed Sheikh Hassan, Afrique Service Center



Continue reading

Injuries on the job are trouble for baggage handlers


Aaron Leigh, Sea-Tac baggage handler:

I am just one of the many baggage handlers at SeaTac Airport that works for Menzies Aviation. For six years I have lifted heavy bags from conveyor to cart to baggage belt into the belly of the plane. The work is hard. I’m only 27 years old but my body feels older from injuries I’ve suffered.

If you get hurt on the job “they” make you feel bad. The “job comes first” is what we hear, before your health or body. That is put into our brain by management by their attitude toward those who get injured. Many injuries are a result of ramps being slick from chemical deicer or weather conditions. But carts can flip over and hurt someone too.

Many injuries come from management demands for speedup, and being burned out from excessive overtime. If someone calls in sick you work their spot and fill in. The “safety supervisors” walk around looking for safety infractions and write up workers who are allegedly violating safety. Yet they seem more concerned with intimidating than actually solving any safety problems. It is so demeaning when a worker gets injured because the first thing that happens is they us to take a drug test first. The employer wants to see if the injury can be blamed on drug use.

No one wants to be out on L&I (Workers Compensation) for long because it is little pay and the company puts us on light duty, making us feel targeted for termination. I’m now part of the light duty crew trying to recuperate from an injury, my fifth one. On light duty, I have the company of two coworkers with wrist injuries and two others who suffered back injuries. I feel that my body is being hurt and slowly destroyed by this work at a young age. The company should be doing more to prevent injuries and to help us do our work with more care for our bodies. I like this job I just wish the company cared more for us than for their bottom line.

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State Investigates Illegal and Dangerous Conditions at Sea-Tac


speaking out for health and safety

Airport workers held a press conference on December 13th to announce that L&I is investigating serious health & safety violations and wage theft.

State officials from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries have begun investigating serious complaints filed last week by more than 50 workers at Sea-Tac International Airport, alleging abusive and dangerous working conditions, exposure to biohazards, faulty equipment, inadequate training, and other violations of state and federal safety laws.

In more than 140 pages of complaints, the workers allege they are:

  • Exposed to pathogens – blood, vomit, feces and urine – without protective equipment;
  • Denied proper time and training to deal with pathogens or to adequately clean and disinfect areas and equipment used by the public;
  • Denied appropriate safety equipment such as goggles, face masks and gloves resulting in respiratory problems, skin rashes and damage to their vision;
  • Required to launder fuel-contaminated uniforms at home, exposing themselves and their families to toxic chemicals and fumes;
  • Routinely denied bathroom breaks and access to water, and denied legally required rest breaks;
  • Required to work with broken or faulty equipment, such as vacuum cleaners that emit sparks, fuel nozzles that leak jet fuel, and fuel trucks with faulty braking systems;
  • Not getting paid for all the hours worked or being called into work and then kept waiting to clock in; and
  • Not provided basic training for wheelchair agents to help or respond to disabled passengers in an emergency.

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Continue reading

Faith leaders petition Alaska CEO on behalf of airport workers


Faith leaders outside Alaska Airlines HQ

SEA-TAC: On Sept, 7, dozens of faith leaders from local spiritual communities showed their support for airport workers, leading more than five hundred workers and community supporters in a march to Alaska Airlines. Their message: Make every airport job a good job.

The faith leaders brought that message directly to the airline’s corporate headquarters, where they presented a letter addressed to CEO Brad Tilden. The letter (see below) asks Tilden to fulfill a promise he made this spring to meet with workers employed by Alaska contractors and hear about the working conditions they face. “We call on you to partner with us and address this moral, economic and social injustice,” the leaders write. “Together we can stop the suffering.”

Continue reading

Stand Up for Human Rights at Our Airport


December 10th is International Human Rights Day, a holiday which honors the basic truth that every human being has the right to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect. That’s something everyone deserves, no matter what they do or where they live.

This year, many airport workers will mark Human Rights Day by gathering with faith leaders and other community supporters at the Sea-Tac Airport light rail station.

Together, we’ll call on the Port of Seattle and the big airlines like Alaska that do business at our airport to respect the basic human rights of all workers at Sea-Tac.

Stand Up for Human Rights at Sea-Tac: Dec 10
Stand up for the human rights of airport workers:
International Human Rights Day
Monday, December 10, 2012: 1:45 pm
Gather at the Sea-Tac light rail station

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All Airport Jobs Should be Good Jobs


There are thousands of poverty-wage jobs at Sea-Tac Airport

Nearly 4,000 workers keep our airport running. Yet these thousands of workers bring home only poverty wages for the vital and critical work of keeping Sea-Tac moving. These are the people who get your bags from the ticket counter to the plane, make sure the aircraft cabins are clean, assist people in wheelchairs so they make their flights on time, and pump thousands of gallons of jet fuel into the planes.

These baggage handlers, fuelers, passenger service workers, ground transportation workers, taxicab drivers, and cargo workers do work critical to the successful operations of Alaska and other airlines at our airport. However, they do not actually work for these large corporations. Instead their jobs are contracted out to the lowest bidder. Most of these airline contractors pay poverty wages. Workers across the airport report that benefits, if offered at all, are usually unaffordable for workers bringing home at or near the minimum wage for the long and onerous hours worked. And most of these workers are immigrants that have come from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to pursue a better life in Seattle. Their work is vital to keeping Sea-Tac running and providing good service for the more than 32 million passengers that pass through our airport. They work hard – sometimes holding down two or three jobs. They deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and to a make a living wage.

Alaska Airlines, the major airline at Sea-Tac, should treat airport workers with respect

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Alaska Airlines is a major carrier, the seventh-largest US airline in passenger traffic controlling more than 51% of the flights at Sea-Tac. As the dominant player at our airport, it can direct everything from how fast baggage will arrive at the turnstile to the type of fuel flowing into its planes. Alaska has the power to do something about many of the poverty-wage jobs at the airport because it hires the contractors who hires those workers. Because Alaska Airlines hires and pays the contractors for the services, it has the responsibility and the power to require contractors to treat workers with respect and pay them a living wage. Alaska Airlines doesn’t need to profit on the backs of poverty-wage workers.

Let’s join together to stand up for good jobs with dignity and respect for all airport workers.

It’s Our Airport

Sign on: All Airport Jobs Should be Good Jobs!

Alaska Can Do Better

Ten years ago today (5/13/05) Alaska Airlines illegally locked out nearly 500 men and women, many of them with decades of service at the airline. At 3 AM Alaska Airlines bused in subcontractor replacements — people paid much lower wages with fewer, if any, benefits, working for Menzies Aviation.

Check out the video: Alaska Airlines: Impacts of 10 yrs of outsourcing jobs at SeaTac

  • Turnover among baggage handlers for Alaska Airlines is high; the resulting lack of experience and tarmac training causes safety concerns.
  • Since 2005, Alaska Airlines has made more than $2 billion in net profits.
  • The move cost King County’s economy at least $115 million, according to a new analysis.
  • In response, the voters of Seatac approved a 2013 initiative to raise the wages 4,700 airport workers to $15/hr, causing their own ripple effect.
  • Alaska Airlines sued to block Seatac Prop 1, and it now awaits a WA State Supreme Court decision.
  • Alaska’s action 10 years ago was mirrored again and again by other airlines. Today many U.S. airport jobs are outsourced to low wage subcontractors.
  • This is part of a national trend – economists say more than 1 in 3 baggage handlers and airplane cleaners live in or near poverty. Wages have dropped by nearly 45% of many of these jobs over the last decade.

ADVISORY: 1pm THURS: People fired by Alaska Airlines 10 yrs ago, current baggage handlers, at Alaska shareholders mtg


Contact: heather@heatherweiner.com

WHAT: Outside Alaska Airlines’ annual shareholders’ meeting, community leaders, current and former baggage handlers at Sea-Tac rally to urge shareholders to do the right thing. Supporters are asking Alaska Airlines’ shareholders to pay subcontracted ramp agents and baggage handlers the wages and benefits approved by the voters in the City of SeaTac Prop 1 in 2013.

Planned solidarity actions for Alaska’s baggage handlers at airports across the US include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Minneapolis, Baltimore, JFK and Newark.

WHEN: 1 – 3PM, Thursday May 7
WHERE: Museum of Flight, 9404 E Marginal Way S
WHO: Alaska Airlines baggage handlers (current contracted workers and some who were locked out 10 years ago) and community leaders


Ten years ago (5/13/05) Alaska Airlines illegally locked out nearly 500 men and women, many of them with decades of service at the airline, and at 3 AM bused in subcontractor replacements — people paid much lower wages with fewer, if any, benefits.

In addition to setting back the careers and households of hundreds of men and women, Alaska Airlines’ move had a big impact on the region’s economy. According to a new study, Alaska’s outsourcing of ramp and baggage worker jobs resulted in a combined loss of more than $115 million (in 2015 dollars) due to lower worker wages and the resulting decline in economic activity caused by reduced expenditures in King County.

It’s been 10 years since May 13, 2005, and today Alaska Airlines is incredibly profitable for its executives and shareholders, It’s a much different story for the airline’s 500 baggage handlers and ramp agents at Sea-Tac, who now work for foreign-owned subcontractor Menzies Aviation for much lower wages and few, if any, benefits.

Current and former Alaska baggage handlers and community leaders are urging shareholders to do the right thing and tell Alaska Airlines to pay its ramp agents and baggage handlers the wages and benefits approved by the voters in Seatac Prop 1. That ordinance is still held up in court by a lawsuit from Alaska Airlines.

Heather Weiner