An open letter to the Port of Seattle Commissioners

Dear Port of Seattle Commissioners,

I was shocked to hear that you and your fellow Port Commissioners are going to take time this week to discuss giving yourselves a sevenfold raise. I simply can’t believe you’ve included this on your agenda when you have failed to do anything to improve pay and working conditions for the thousands of poverty-wage workers at our airport and seaport.

Your priorities need to change.

I agree that the Commission needs to provide better oversight of our airport and seaport. And I agree that attracting a higher caliber of elected commissioners is part of making that happen.

I believe that everyone who works at our port should be paid a living wage. But that means baggage handlers and cabin cleaners at Sea-Tac, truck drivers at our seaport, and thousands of others — not just Port Commissioners who can vote themselves a raise.

So how about you start your to-do list with living wages for all airport and seaport workers? Once that’s done, maybe then King County voters will support higher pay for commissioners too.


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