Sea-Tac passengers tweeting from the baggage carousel to support poverty-wage baggage handlers

New “First class, coach class, poverty class” ads call on @AlaskaAir to #raisethewage as low-wage worker unrest continues at our airport

Beginning this week, Sea-Tac passengers waiting at the baggage claim, smartphones in hand, will see a new ad which enlists them to tweet @AlaskaAir to #raisethewage for baggage handlers and thousands of other poverty-wage workers at our airport.

Standing out from among the more typical airport ads asking passengers to use a particular limo service, stay in a downtown hotel, or support the Gates Foundation, the new “First class, coach class, poverty class” ads — appearing at all 16 carousels — enlist passengers to use their smartphones to tell Alaska Airlines to do something to improve the poverty-class wages and working conditions at our airport.

Alaska Airlines passengers and other Sea-Tac travelers have expressed increasing concern about conditions at our airport after workers have brought these issues to the public.

* An ongoing state investigation of serious health and safety issues has already resulted in significant fines against Alaska contractor Bags, Inc. for multiple issues involving exposure to bloodborne pathogens, vomit and other bodily fluids. [Go to KOMO TV coverage ]

* Faith leaders, local elected officials, and other community leaders have written directly to Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden, calling on him to ensure the contractors Alaska hires to serve its passengers provide better than poverty wages and working conditions. [Go to ]

* Poverty-wage workers who serve passengers of Alaska and other airlines have formed unions for good jobs & living wages. [Go to ]

Who: Sea-Tac passengers preoccupied by their smartphones while waiting for their luggage at Alaska Airlines and other baggage carousels. (Note: Bags checked on Alaska flights are unloaded at Sea-Tac by poverty-wage workers employed by Menzies, an airport contractor company hired by Alaska to serve their passengers. Menzies workers have formed a union and appear with other poverty-wage workers in the digital ads.)

What: Enlisted by “First class, coach class, poverty class” ad to tell @AlaskaAir to #raisethewage

When: Beginning this week, and appearing at all carousels every 4 minutes.



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