Yes! For SeaTac supporters not surprised multinational corporations back in court Opposition trying to overturn King County and City’s certificates of sufficient signatures

Contact: Heather Weiner,

SeaTac – August 27, 2013: SeaTac voters and employees at Sea-Tac Airport say they are not surprised multinational airport corporations are back in court trying to block residents from casting their votes on SeaTac Proposition 1 this November.  SeaTac Proposition 1 would inject millions of dollars into the local economy and create good middle class jobs at the airport and related industries.

Yes! For SeaTac supporters say they are planning to appeal a King County judge’s order overturning King County and the City of SeaTac’s certificates of sufficiency for the SeaTac Good Jobs Initiative, also known as SeaTac Proposition 1.

Earlier this summer, King County Elections, the SeaTac City Clerk and the SeaTac Petition Review Board all agreed that SeaTac voters had turned in more than enough valid signatures to put the initiative on the November ballot.  Determined to stop SeaTac voters from casting their ballots, Alaska Airlines and the Washington Restaurant Association went back to court.

Yesterday afternoon Yes! For SeaTac submitted another 250 petition signatures from SeaTac voters, pursuant to SMC 1.10.140(F), which specifies that supporters have ten days in which to amend the petition by filing additional signed petitions.

The “Good Jobs” initiative was signed by more than 2,500 petitioners in SeaTac earlier this year and in July the SeaTac City Council voted unanimously to send the citizens’ initiative to the November ballot.  Big airlines, rental car companies, the Washington Restaurant Association and other multinational and overseas corporations have already contributed close to $250,000 to overturn this citizen-led initiative, attempting to maintain a rigged system that benefits their own bottom line at the expense of hard working SeaTac families.

SeaTac Proposition 1:

Boosts SeaTac’s Economy: Other West Coast airport communities with similar laws setting livable wages are thriving with new businesses and more families buying local.
Puts Our Health and Safety First: Paid sick leave for airport employees prevents the spread of diseases, keeping our families and community safe.
Creates Full-Time Jobs: Incentives for airport-related businesses to employ full time workers creates jobs our neighbors can live on.
Ensures Tip Fairness: Requires hotels and restaurants give tips and service charges to employees who perform the actual services.

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