SeaTac family business, Bull Pen Pub, appears in television ad Prop 1 endorsed by growing list of SeaTac small businesses

SeaTac, WA – Voters in SeaTac may see a new television ad featuring someone they already know – Don Liberty, owner of the Bull Pen Pub in SeaTac.  Don Liberty, who has owned the Bull Pen Pub for more than 30 years, stars in the Yes For SeaTac Proposition 1 ad. The ad is scheduled to begin showing today on cable television stations in the SeaTac media market.

In the television ad, Liberty says “As the owner of the Bull Pen Pub, I’m proud that our employees are like family and everyone is paid a fair wage.  The big corporations at the airport should be paying fair pages too. That’s why I support Proposition 1.  Prop 1 puts more money in the pockets of airport employees so they can support small businesses here.  And it exempts businesses like mine that are outside the airport.  Yes on Proposition 1. For all of SeaTac.”

Liberty’s small business is on a growing list of small businesses supporting SeaTac Proposition 1, including restaurants, auto repair shops, dry cleaners, bakeries, small stores, and a local cabinet maker.  SeaTac’s small business owners are supporting Proposition 1 as they learn that it applies to large travel and hospitality corporations and will boost spending for more than 6,000 potential customers.

Researchers at Puget Sound Sage say they will release an analysis later this week showing that increased spending by airport employees will ripple out through the economy, resulting in $54 million increased income for the region and more than 400 new local jobs, generating more revenue for local government—better schools, better parks, safer streets.

“I have owned and operated the Bull Pen Bar & Grill in SeaTac for over 30 years. Many of my customers, as well as others living in our city, tell me they are struggling to make ends meet,” said Liberty, whose granddaughter helps manage their family-run business.  “I and more than 20 other small business owners in SeaTac believe that Proposition One will help make eating out and shopping a more commonplace affair in our city. “

Nearly 2 dozen elected officials and Democratic organizations from U.S. Congressman Adam Smith to SeaTac City Councilmember Mia Gregerson are also supporting a Yes vote on SeaTac Proposition 1, which would provide paid sick leave, more opportunities for full time jobs, tip protection and a livable wage of $15/hour for over 6,000 airport and hospitality workers currently making poverty level wages.  Small businesses inside and outside the airport are specifically exempted.

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