It’s Our Airport September 2014


We, the workers, are the union.

Unions are made up of workers standing together for better working conditions, pay, and respect in the workplace. Unions are how we show our power we have as workers when we come together.

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We are stronger together.

When we stand together we can actually address some of the larger problems we all face in the workplace here at the airport. With all of us working together we have more power.

What do unions do?

One way we show our collective power is by bargaining a contract as a union.

Another way unions build collective power is by fighting for minimum wage laws, overtime, and other workplace protections.

Both ways are important. What really matters though is that when we are alone, management gets to decide what to do with us, but together we can push back against the problems we have at the workplace.

They can ignore one person, but they can’t ignore all of us speaking with one voice.


It’s official. Sea-Tac Airport Workers at Bags, who serve Alaska Airlines customers, celebrated as the votes were counted in a Union election. Workers won!

Alaska Airlines, Bags and their corporate friends tried hard to stop us from standing up together to win better pay and working conditions— but we stood up anyway.

We organized, talking with our fellow coworkers and even reaching out to the community. We got support from faith communities, community organizations, and workers in similar situations from other airports.

First negotiating meetings are happening now. The negotiating team is: Habiba Ali, Nimo Ahmed, Osman Idris, and Bikila Chage.


My name is Assadullah Valibeigi. I’m from Tehran, Iran, but I live in SeaTac. I moved out here back in 1996 for a better life.

When I first came here I knew nothing about the US. It was a different culture. It was good. Everyone seemed happy.

I was at an Iranian festival when I saw some guy who was working at some company at the airport and he tell me that I could come to work at the airport.

I used to work at Bags, but now I work at Huntleigh and am a proud member of SEIU Local 6.

I got involved with $15 because I saw the need. I tell people that things will get better — we have to get together.

One hand shaking doesn’t make any noise but if you have two hands…things can get better.

It’s Our Airport September 2014 Newsletter

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