Join us June 26th: We are going to Olympia for $15 for SeaTac!

Fast food and other low wage workers just made history by pushing Seattle City Councilmembers to pass a $15 minimum wage for the city — inspired by the Sea-Tac Airport workers who passed $15 for SeaTac.

Unfortunately in SeaTac, Alaska Airlines, the Port of Seattle, and other big businesses have blocked the full implementation of the measure in SeaTac in the courts. They’ve kept thousands of families from getting the $15 wages they deserve.

But now we can do something about it.

Join us on June 26 as we head to Olympia for our day in Washington State’s Supreme Court for $15 for SeaTac.

We will get ya there and back.

The Washington State Supreme Court will hear legal arguments about why the $15 initiative in SeaTac is legal and should be fully implemented. We need to fill the room in support to show the nine Supreme Court Judges that the airport workers and the community want $15 for SeaTac.

After all it is what the people of SeaTac voted for and full implementation of $15 is what they all deserve.

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