Show the Washington State Supreme Court, Alaska Airlines, and the Port of Seattle that we want $15 for SeaTac!

Alaska Airlines, the Port of Seattle, and other big businesses have blocked thousands of families from getting the $15 wages they deserve by tying up the full implementation of the $15 initiative in SeaTac.

We are going to Olympia to be there at the court hearing and you should join us.

Thursday, June 26

Washington State Supreme Court hearing on SeaTac Proposition 1

State Supreme Court

415 12th Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98501

Click here to sign up and we will get you there and back. Lunch will also be provided.

The court will be hearing arguments with a decision expected in the next few months and we need to show the judges that we all want to see the full implementation of $15 for Sea-Tac Airport workers.

Alaska Airline lawyers will be trying to make “arguments” about this and that, but if we fill the room the judges won’t be able to think of this court case in the abstract.

They will see the people this decision will affect — and we will continue to hold Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle to account.

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