Healthcare experts train at-risk Sea-Tac workers on infection control practices

Healthcare experts held trainings this week for Sea-Tac workers on best practices for infection control to ensure the health & safety of everyone who works at our airport, or travels through it.

Patricia, a nurse, was one of the master trainers who answered questions and concerns of the airport workers.

“The airport workers are now our front line workers,” she said. “They are the first ones that clean. We need to know they are aware of the possibilities [of infectious diseases].”

Cabin cleaners, wheelchair attendants, and other airport workers came to the training. These workers are employed by airport contractors, which are hired by Alaska, Delta, and other airlines at Sea-Tac.

Mary, another nurse and master trainer closed the day after answering questions like: “My boss only gives me one pair of gloves for an 8 hour shift. Is that okay?” and “What should we do if a passenger is bleeding from open wounds?”

“[This training] it’s better late than never,” she said. “We want to keep our airport workers safe and us safe too. We want to be safe too because we are traveling.”

The infection control training was sponsored by Working Washington, SEIU Local 6, Teamsters Local 117, and OneAmerica.

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