We Demand $15!

4700 workers at the airport have lost nearly $15 Million in wages in the last year because Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle said “nope” to the $15 initiative fought for by airport workers and approved by the voters of SeaTac.

Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle sued and blocked $15. So airport workers,
Seattle fast food workers, and community allies came to the airport with a message.

Airport workers worked too hard to get a living wage with job protections, paid
sick leave, and full time work. So as we made our way to the Port of Seattle
meeting we brought with us a simple message: “SeaTac Voted, We Won, We
Demand $15.”

Starting off the day Seattle fast food workers came down to SeaTac to talk about
the $15 initiative at a union meeting of airport workers.

Brittany recently went out on strike at McDonald’s.

“I get why you all are out here fighting for $15,” she said. “I’m broke from the first of the month to the end of the month. That’s why I went out on strike for $15. We are out here in support. You all won $15 keep fighting to get it.”

Crystal has gone out on strike multiple times. She works at Domino’s and explained to the crowd why she came down to Sea-Tac Airport.

“People should be getting $15 an hour,” she said. “We won it in Seattle, you won it, let’s spread it all across the map!”

Kevin was on shift and saw us. He decided to walk over and say a few words. He
works for Menzies.

“It’s simple,” he said. “We got out there and won $15 and we need it now. Let’s
get it now!”

We then went on a “poverty tour” of the airport pointing out the large companies
that have been making profits and deciding to pay their workers poverty wages.

We filled the room for the Port of Seattle meeting. They were announcing their
own wage plan that is much less than what the airport workers fought for and
what the voters approved. We had something to say about that.

Alex, who works for Airserv, gave public comment in front of the commissioners.

“We are here to say that we need $15 now,” he said into the microphone. “We
work hard; we deserve it. We work for these big airlines and we can’t even afford
a plane ticket.”

The Port Commissioners thanked the public commenters and then started going
through their regular business about air conditioning or some such. We wanted to
know what they planned to do about $15 for SeaTac.

So we asked them. They had no response.

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