January 2015 Newsletter

We’ve Been Robbed

Over a 100 people gathered outside of Alaska Airlines headquarters late November to call on the airline to stop robbing us of our $15.

News crews pushed their way through the crowd interviewing us and taking video and photos as the SeaTac police looked on.

The fight for $15 at Sea-Tac Airport has gotten widespread attention. Journalists from around the globe have been watching and we have been speaking out about it to anyone who will listen.

We chanted outside of Alaska Airlines headquarters and even briefly shut down International Boulevard with peaceful civil disobedience. Four people were arrested: an airport worker, a faith leader, a community member and an elected official; Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

Alaska is tough, but the public is paying attention.

We will win our $15.

Menzies and union agree to health and safety partnership at LAX

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In Los Angeles, SEIU and Menzies have a new health and safety partnership.

Ramp workers work with heavy equipment in high pressure working conditions and safety is a huge issue. In LAX there have been serious injuries — even some workers died on the job.

Workers wanted safety to matter more, so they started to fight back together. They had protests, demonstrations, and spoke to the press.

Here is what the new health and safety partnership program includes:

  • Health and safety committees

  • Worker health and safety training programs for LAX conditions

  • New vehicle and heavy equipment inspection initiatives

  • New ways for Menzies workers to raise health and safety concerns with top-level Menzies management to help promote a stronger culture of safety at LAX.

Could workers make something like this happen at Sea-Tac Airport?

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden receives “Up and Coming Grinch” Award

Over the last year Alaska Airlines has tried to stop the $15 an hour minimum wage at Sea-Tac Airport. They tried to keep the vote off the ballot. When that didn’t work they tried to get people to vote “No.” Then when it passed they sued and robbed $15 from thousands of airport workers.

That impressed The Grinch. He is known for robbing people of things that bring them happiness so he thought Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden deserved an award.

The Grinch and airport workers walked up to the Alaska Airlines ticket counter. The Grinch explained why he thought it was good that Alaska Airlines had robbed $15, but all the rest of us booed.

“Brad Tilden is one of the biggest Grinches I’ve ever seen,” said the Grinch. “He is going to make airport workers’ families really have to struggle this Christmas.”

He handed the award to the Alaska Airlines worker.

“Make sure Brad and Alaska get that award underling.” The Grinch said laughing as the rest of us jeered.

The CEO of Alaska Airlines may have won a Grinch award, but in the end we will be the ones to really win — our $15.

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