Seattle Mayor and Sea-Tac Airport Worker Urge American Cities to Lead the Fight to Raise Wages


(Originally posted here) By Keiana Greene-Page

Seattle Mayor and Sea-Tac Airport Worker Urge American Cities to Lead the Fight to Raise WagesPHOTO: Mayor Ed Murray, Sea-Tac airport worker Socrates Bravo.

“Please take what we did in Seattle and export it across the country,” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray told a crowd Wednesday during a panel discussion on the minimum wage at the Center for American Progress.
Also speaking at the CAP event was SeaTac Airport worker Socrates Bravo. He says the national minimum wage debate is about more than finances; it’s about families. Continue reading

Our day in court for $15 for SeaTac!

“We’ve waited six months for this,” Reverend Jan Bolerjack said into the gathered TV cameras on the steps of the capitol building in Olympia. “Sea-Tac Airport workers need the $15 they fought for. There is no reason they should be working full time and still have to come to my church and use our food bank. Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle need to do the right thing.”

Last November, airport workers pushed for and won a $15 minimum wage at Sea-Tac Airport. Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle sued blocking over $15 MILLION in wages for 4700 families. On June 26th the Washington State Supreme Court was hearing final arguments in the $15 for SeaTac case —and we were out in force to show our support for airport workers getting the wages they deserve.

“This isn’t just about Sea-Tac Airport,” said Tina Cummins a PDX worker who came up for the hearing. “We in PDX support you. We all deserve living wages and that’s why I came here today.” Continue reading

Join us June 26th: We are going to Olympia for $15 for SeaTac!

Fast food and other low wage workers just made history by pushing Seattle City Councilmembers to pass a $15 minimum wage for the city — inspired by the Sea-Tac Airport workers who passed $15 for SeaTac.

Unfortunately in SeaTac, Alaska Airlines, the Port of Seattle, and other big businesses have blocked the full implementation of the measure in SeaTac in the courts. They’ve kept thousands of families from getting the $15 wages they deserve.

But now we can do something about it. Continue reading