We entered the SIFF Film contest sponsored by Alaska Airlines: “Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Check out the film Alaska Airlines executives won’t want you to see.

Grounded is a film produced by airport workers and community allies and submitted by Working Washington to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival’s “Explore. Dream. Discover” film competition sponsored by Alaska Airlines.


We’re on the march for $15/hour and justice


Two groups of airport workers and community supporters took it right to their employers, Extra Car Park and Air Serv, demanding better wages and working conditions.

Extra Car Park isn’t paying their workers the $15/hour that the people of SeaTac voted for and is trying to intimidate workers who are standing up for what they deserve. When Extra Car workers filed complaints with the City of SeaTac, their boss started firing them. We all aren’t going to put up with that.

Extra Car workers, other airport workers, Teamsters, SEIU members and other allies marched in front of Extra Car’s parking lot waving signs, yelling and calling management out for their shady treatment of their workers. WP_20140326_033

“Shame! Shame! You’ve gone too far, Extra Car!”

Extra Car management tried to push us, literally, off of the public sidewalk and tried to encourage cars to drive right through us as we marched. We still didn’t back down.

Later in the day, workers announced they’ve filed a class-action lawsuit against Extra Car. Through street heat, organizing and legal action, we’ll win justice at Extra Car! Continue reading

Citing safety concerns, Menzies’ workers deliver a petition


A delegation of eight leaders presented to Menzies management a petition signed by more than 250 Menzies workers, demanding proper clothing, safety equipment and a functioning first aid kit. Menzies workers after 031414 action(1)

We talked about the Menzies-provided jackets that tear easily and the nearly empty, not maintained first aid cabinets. We also shared pictures showing workers’ hands swollen, lacerated and bandaged due to lifting and moving tons of baggage daily without the proper protection.

Eric summed up the action.

“Our action was exciting and I’m sure it’s making our management uncomfortable. Most of us who work at Sea-Tac Airport are dealing with the same types of problems as LAX and PDX so we’re all in the same boat. We’re going to continue fighting for fair working conditions at Sea-Tac Airport and good luck to the workers in LAX and PDX in your fight.”