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Low-Paid Sea-Tac Airport Contract Workers Form Union, Demand Negotiation (The Stranger, 26 Mar 13)

Sea-Tac baggage handlers and cabin cleaners unionize (KPLU FM, 26 Mar 13)

Workers claim hazardous working conditions at Sea-Tac Airport (KING-5 TV, 13 Dec 12)

Sea-Tac airport workers’ complaints spark state investigation (KPLU FM, 13 Dec 12)

Labor group alleges safety hazards at Sea-Tac (KIRO TV, 13 Dec 12)

State to investigate claims of unsafe conditions at Sea-Tac (KOMO TV, 13 Dec 12)

Sea-Tac workers allege unsafe conditions (Q-13 TV, 13 Dec 12)

Non-union Sea-Tac aircraft fuelers say they might walk off job (Q-13 TV, 3 Oct 12)

Sea-Tac fuelers authorize strike over suspended co-worker (KING 5, 3 Oct 12)

Sea-Tac jet fuelers threaten strike over safety, worker’s suspension (Seattle Times, 3 Oct 12)

Workers Claim Unsafe Conditions at Sea-Tac (KIRO Radio News, 3 Oct 12)

Sea-Tac Aircraft Fuelers Authorize Strike (KIRO TV News, 3 Oct 12)

Sea-Tac workers threaten to strike over safety concerns (KOMO News, 3 Oct 12)

Airport workers fight for better wages (NW Asian Weekly, 14 Jun 12)

Delta Contractor Lays Off Skycap Featured in Ad (The Stranger, 31 May 12)

Fight Goes On at Sea-Tac (Socialist Worker, 21 May 12)

SeaTac ‘Turbulence’ Over Airport Workers’ Wages & Benefits (Washington News Service, 15 May 12)

Report: Alaska Air profits at expense of SeaTac workers (The Stand, 15 May 12)

Low wage Sea-Tac workers fighting for better pay (KING TV, 14 May 12)

New Report Highlights Poverty Wages at Sea-Tac Airport (The Stranger, 14 May 12)

SeaTac Airport Workers Rally for Good Jobs (KUNS-TV, Univision, 28 April 12)

Sea-Tac Airport workers rally for better pay, benefits (KIRO-TV, 28 April 12)

SeaTac Airport employees & labor advocates rallied & marched along Intl. Blvd. (Highline Times, 28 April 12)

Workers Rally in SeaTac in Support of Airport Jobs (SeaTac Blog, 28 April 12)

Coverage of federal Lawsuit (KOMO TV, 6 Apr 12)

Sound Transit being sued for rejecting ad (KIRO Radio, 6 Apr 12)

Sound Transit Rejects Ads Criticizing Sea-Tac Jobs (KUOW, 6 Apr 12)

Sound Transit sued for refusing ad decrying airport work conditions (Seattle Times, 5 Apr 12)

Public Transit Agency Rejects Labor Ad (Courthouse News, 5 Apr 12)

Sound Transit won’t run this pro-labor ad on airport trains (Seattle Times ‘Today File,’ 5 Apr 12)

Sound Transit Rejects Controversial “Unionization” Ad (PubliCola, 4 Apr 12)