Airport workers are fed up.

By Nathan Jackson

Airport workers have been fighting for better work treatment for months now; workers and community members are still taking action to make every airport job a good job.

Workers for Menzies, a low wage contractor hired by Alaska Airlines handles bags for passengers. Workers, for months now have been asking for better wages, fair treatment and a voice in their workplace. The company has ignored them. The workers and community members have had enough and we marched on the Menzies HR office and demanded to be heard.

A security guard tried to force us to leave, but we held our ground. We’ve been ignored for long enough and they would listen to us this time. We were many and we were all in this together. Some of the workers were from different companies and different jobs. They know that when the workers get together in solidarity that is when real change can happen.

The manager on duty finally came out of the office and immediately launched into a “blah blah blah this is a private business, blah blah get outta here” type of speech, but he was interrupted by a Menzies worker.

“I work for Menzies,” said Ulysses. “I have every right to be here and you guys just haven’t listened to us when we go through our managers. So we’re here right now, together.”

The manager stopped using talking points and started to listen.
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Workers begin reaching out to passengers over safety & fairness issues

Sea-Tac fueler Alex Popescu saw something, he said something, and he was suspended for it. That’s what prompted fuelers to announce today that they have voted to authorize a strike over workplace safety and rights at ASIG, a low-wage airport contractor responsible for safely fueling 75% of flights at Sea-Tac.

In August, Alex testified before the Port of Seattle and showed photos of faulty equipment that affect the safety of ASIG workers. On September 12, he reported broken equipment on a truck he was supposed to drive. He was then suspended indefinitely, and has not been allowed back to work since.

Today, Alex’s co-workers were joined by faith and community leaders to demand that safety issues like soft brakes on fuel trucks, faulty fuel nozzles, and broken ladders be addressed, and that Alex be reinstated to his job. Workers should have the right to speak out on workplace safety and rights without being penalized for it.

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