Faith Leaders to Airport Workers: Union Yes!

t-Ramos “I am proud to walk in solidarity with you for peace and economic justice in this world” — Michael Ramos, Executive Director, Church Council of Greater Seattle





“My respected community members, I support you t-Hassanjoining unions for your well-being and your families. The respect and rights you will get will help you in reaching your future goals.” — Mohammed Sheikh Hassan, Afrique Service Center



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Fired up about safety, Sea-Tac fuelers deliver a strike notice.

By Nathan Jackson

“This here is a broken gear shift,” Alex Popescu, an Aircraft Service International Group,(ASIG) fueler said pointing at a blown up picture of a 5,000 gallon fuel truck gear shift. “ASIG fixed it as you can see, with good ol’ duct tape.”

Alex pointing to a picture of the broken gear shift in a 5000 gallon fuel truck fixed by duct tape.

ASIG is a poverty wage contractor hired by Alaska Airlines. This contractor treats workers poorly requiring them to work with shoddy equipment.

When Sea-Tac fueler Alex Popescu brought up workplace safety issues like soft brakes and taped up gear shifts to ASIG management, they ignored him. When Alex brought his safety concerns to the Port of Seattle in public forums, and then reported a broken truck to his manager, ASIG suspended him.

Workers have had enough.

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Workers begin reaching out to passengers over safety & fairness issues

Sea-Tac fueler Alex Popescu saw something, he said something, and he was suspended for it. That’s what prompted fuelers to announce today that they have voted to authorize a strike over workplace safety and rights at ASIG, a low-wage airport contractor responsible for safely fueling 75% of flights at Sea-Tac.

In August, Alex testified before the Port of Seattle and showed photos of faulty equipment that affect the safety of ASIG workers. On September 12, he reported broken equipment on a truck he was supposed to drive. He was then suspended indefinitely, and has not been allowed back to work since.

Today, Alex’s co-workers were joined by faith and community leaders to demand that safety issues like soft brakes on fuel trucks, faulty fuel nozzles, and broken ladders be addressed, and that Alex be reinstated to his job. Workers should have the right to speak out on workplace safety and rights without being penalized for it.

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The Port of Seattle builds a swanky VIP lounge.

by Nathan Jackson

Arrivals Hall. Photo by Don Wilson.

The Port of Seattle and Alaska Airlines have entered a partnership to upgrade the north terminal to the tune of $230 million dollars. The port is paying the lion’s share, investing $194 million into the upgrade that will modernize facilities, improve seismic safety and even throw in an executive lounge for VIP customers.

It’s good that the Port wants to upgrade their facilities and improve the experience of the riders who will benefit. After all it’s been 40 years according to the joint press release since the terminal has seen any upgrades. But when was the last time poverty-wage workers in that terminal have had an update to their wages or working conditions?

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On May 15th, tell Alaska Airlines: Let's make every airport job a good job.

Rally at Alaska Airlines Shareholder Meeting

May 15, 2012, 2:30 p.m.

Museum of Flight | 9404 East Marginal Way S, Seattle

Alaska Airlines profits are up and top executives are firmly among the top 1%. But Alaska is not sharing their success with the nearly 4000 Sea-Tac poverty-wage workers who make the company’s success possible.

Join workers, community members and faith leaders to tell Alaska Airlines’ Board of Directors to Make All Airport Jobs Good Jobs.